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NOTICE: Our processes for receiving documents have changed. Please do not mail or deliver paper copies of SLBE/MWBE/LVP applications. ONLY electronic applications and documents will be received at this time to enhance the safety of employees



Moving forward with how we do business, Central Services now allows electronic applications for certification. This portal is for the purpose of submitting documents related to the certification process ONLY.


What Is the Program?

Clayton County has implemented a Small Local Business and Procurement Non-discrimination Program to promote full and open competition in all government procurement and purchasing. Goals for participation of Small Local Business Enterprises (SLBEs) are set for specific NIGP codes on a contract by contract basis for each specific prime contract with subcontracting possibilities.

Purpose of the Program

This program was established in an effort to promote the participation of small and local firms in the procurements of Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Goods and Services and Professional Services. Small firms locally based inside Clayton County and locally based outside of Clayton County but within the following five (5) counties, specifically DeKalb, Fayette, Fulton, Henry, and Spalding, should complete the SLBE Certification Application.

How to Get Certified?

To become certified as a Small Local Business Enterprise, you must submit an SLBE application at least thirty (30) days prior to the planned submission of a bid to Contract Compliance Division, Clayton County Central Services.  If your company is not certified by the bid due date, you will not be allowed to receive bid incentives on a project where there is an SLBE goal.

Reciprocal Certification

Clayton County will accept SLBE certifications from government entities in the metro area that certify small businesses to continue to develop our list of certified SLBE’s. Currently, if your firm is located in Clayton County or within the five (5) counties contiguous to Clayton County, specifically DeKalb, Fayette, Fulton, Henry, and Spalding Counties and you can provide proof of location (i.e. local business license) and currently certified as a small business in DeKalb County as a LSBE, or as an SBE by the City of Atlanta or as a SLBE by the Clayton County Water Authority, then your firm may become temporarily reciprocal certified as a Clayton County SLBE. for a period of a year from the date of approval. SLBE Reciprocal form.

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